Interviews for GGL

One of our goals in this course is to explore how philosophical views about faith, morality and meaning permeate our everyday lives.  This includes question of how to lead, what careers to pursue, and what practical and social identities we take on.  One way we’ve been tackling this is by interviewing leaders in our community whose outlook has been profoundly shaped by one or more of the philosophers we’re studying.  We’ve talked to Fr. John Jenkins  (President of Notre Dame) about how Aquinas can help you run a university with a 1.5 billion dollar operating budget.  We’ve talked to South Bend’s Mayor Peter Buttigieg about how the Kantian conception of rationality helps us make sense of debate in local politics.  Dr. Margie Pfeil talked with us about Hannah Arendt, Dorothy Day and the meaning of the title “activist”.  And there are many more in the works!

We are excited to share the final interviews with you once we’ve finished editing them.  But in the meantime, here are a few “behind-the-scenes” shots from filming our interviews.

With Mayor Pete in his office.
Sonia Howell (our ODL production ninja), Mayor Pete, Professor Sullivan and Kant.
Setting up in the Log Cabin for our shoot with President Jenkins.
Interviewing Dr. Pfeil at Our Lady of the Road’s day shelter.

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