Digital Thought Experiments

We are getting closer to the summer session of GGL, and we’ve been working at a break-neck pace to prepare some of the digital resources we are using in the class.  This includes a set of short “digital thought experiments” which we have been filming around campus over the past week.  Paul and I have been honing our acting skills, recreating Plato’s Myth of the Ring of Gyges on a DPAC soundstage.  We ventured into the billiards room at LaFortune to film a short on causal dependency and the principle of sufficient reason.  And Paul willed himself to believe he was the only person on Earth while we filmed a time-lapse segment on doxastic voluntarism in front of O’Shag.  Looking forward to debuting our thought experiments in class next month, but in the meantime, Sonia at ODL has some behind-the-scenes pictures…

Could causal and explanatory chains keep going back… forever? Paul and I talk pool, the cosmological argument, and the nature of `why?’ in the basement of LaFun.
Paul dressed as an evil shepherd bent on theft in our digital thought experiment for Plato’s Ring of Gyges.

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