First Day of GGL Fall 2016!

Prof Sullivan just before lecture…

We had our first official meeting of God and the Good Life today.  It was so exciting to get to meet everyone we’ll be spending the semester with. We debated whether the good life is a matter of finding good underwear.  (Um, no.)  We acknowledged that there are harder assignments in life than final exams and research papers.  We met our Sustained Dialogue groups, and conquered the first grave philosophical challenge of the term– finding a time and place to meet.  We learned how to pronounce the name Frege (Fray-guh).  All in all, it was an inspiring, chaotic success.  Now the hard work begins.

The Teaching Team at our post-class meeting.

Over the next few days, we are reading Book II of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and trying to figure out why Google named their revolutionary team study “Project Aristotle”.   And we are setting up our own Notre Dame Project Aristotle–meeting in our dialogue groups, figuring out common norms to live by, and starting to discover how we came to have some of our most cherished beliefs.  We’ll start up our WordPress blogs too.  So much to do, but it is exciting days in Philosophy.  Maybe even by next Weds, we’ll be ready for Descartes…

I leave you with a shot of Paul helping me on our Tuesday Night Dialogue Group Sorting Hat Meeting.  Ten hours and several pots of coffee later, we think we’ve built some incredible teams.

Gryffindor?  Or Irirgary?


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