Sustained Dialogue

The friendship of decent people is decent and is increased by their associating with one another.  They also seem to be better by engaging in activity together and by correcting one another, for they take an imprint from one another of the qualities they find pleasing.”

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics 9.12.


How do you build your soul?  Aristotle thought (and we agree) that a crucial part of the process involves having friends with whom you can share your questions, theories, and struggles.  Such friends should both challenge and support you as you build your identity.  In God and the Good Life, we live this out in our small Sustained Dialogue groups.

The groups are intentionally formed at the start of the semester, connecting you with a dozen or so classmates with a wide variety of stances on religious identity (or lack thereof), morality, and meaning.  Each group has a facilitator trained in Sustained Dialogue discussion techniques, who will help the group have meaningful discussions about members’ philosophical stances.  Small groups use the philosophy we are learning to gain insights into current events on campus and in the world at large.

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