SPEAKER: Abbie Reese


NOTE: We will watch this film on Tuesday Nov 28th at 8pm in the Browning Cinema.  

Abbie Reese is an independent scholar and interdisciplinary artist. In her relationship- and research-based practice, she utilizes a hybrid of oral history, documentary, and ethnographic methodologies to explore the construction of individual and cultural identity, public and private performances within a heterotopia, and liminality through a rite of passage into a new social role. She has been particularly interested in primary oral cultures and enclosed communities.

In this session, we will be discussing her documentary Chosen and her work documenting the lives of cloistered nuns.  What animates this kind of religious devotion?  And how does an outside approach documenting the experience of women pursuing the life of contemplation?  We’ll watch her documentary at a class film night.

Read This: 

  1. Preface to Dedicated to God.
  2. Chapter 3: Monastic Living in a Throwaway Culture

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  1. Four Questions for Abbie Reese (4Q21)
  2. Prepare for your Apology TED Talk