SPEAKER: Heather Templeton Dill


How does philosophy help you run a major international foundation?

Heather Templeton Dill is president of the John Templeton Foundation. Most recently, she served as executive liaison to the president under her father, the late Dr. Jack Templeton. Dill is the granddaughter of the late Sir John Templeton.

We will be discussing philanthropy and philosophy in this session.  We’ll hear a bit about her duties running a major foundation and the philosophy that guides it.  Then we’ll have a discussion of visions of the good that shape the missions of non-profits like JTF.  And we’ll look at how one concrete philosophical vision can guide a major, global non-profit.

Prior to joining the Foundation staff, she taught high school level history, government, and economics in Pennsylvania. While living in Charlottesville, Virginia, she was a homeschool educator as well as a manuscript editor and research assistant at the University of Virginia. She served as a trustee of the John Templeton Foundation from 1997-2003 and 2009-2015 and has been a member of the Foundation’s executive, finance, and strategic planning committees. Dill is currently a member of the board of First Trust Bank and previously served on the Templeton Religion Trust steering committee and the Templeton World Charity Foundation board.

She holds a master’s degree in American history from Villanova University and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in history and a concentration in public policy.

Read This: 

The readings for class today aim to give you a sense of the guiding philosophy of the John Templeton Foundation, debates about its impact, and a context for understanding the philosophies that guide non-profits and charitable trusts.

  1. The Mission of the John Templeton Foundation
  2. Who was Sir John Templeton?
  3. Sir John Templeton’s Philosophical Motivation (Possibilities Chap 2)
  4. The Templeton Effect (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  5. OPTIONAL: The Theory of the Foundation (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Watch This:

Watch Contrarian, the film at the bottom of the Who was Sir John Templeton link.

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  1. Four Questions for Heather Templeton Dill (4Q9)