Fall Course Speakers

In God and the Good Life, we closely follow current events involving substantive philosophical issues.  And periodically we invite the men and women making these headlines to come discuss the issues with our class.  Here’s who we are looking forward to meeting in the 2016-2017 academic year.  You can also watch videos and interviews from past speakers here.

SEP 14, 2016: Paul Baumann (Editor, Commonweal Magazine)


Paul Baumann serves as the editor of Commonweal Magazine, a major national opinion magazine billed as “A journal of religion, opinion and culture.”  Mr. Baumann will talk with us about the role of mass media in debates about religion and morality.  He’ll also give us tips on how to write more persuasive op-ed essays and how to be an active voice in public discussions of religion, morality and meaning.



SEP 28, 2016: Ryan and Amy Green (Video Game Designers: That Dragon, Cancer)

Green SmallThe Greens designed an award-winning (and profoundly moving) video game called That Dragon, Cancer in response to their young son Joel’s diagnosis of terminal brain cancer.  The game deals with difficult issues of suffering, faith and finding meaning in life.  They’ll talk with us about the experience of creating the game, the philosophical issues that ground it, and how we can use interactive digital media to develop philosophical arguments. Read their story in Wired. Or listen to it on Radiolab.

NOV 2016: Pete Buttigieg (Mayor of South Bend)

220px-PeteButtigiegPeter Buttigieg is currently serving his second term as the mayor of South Bend.  He’ll talk with us about whether cities have souls, and the philosophical issues that city governments need to solve.  We’ll debate the extent to which Plato’s Republic is a good guide for our local leaders.