SPEAKER: Paul Baumann-Print Journalism and Public Perceptions of Religion

Lecture Replay:

Paul Baumann (Editor, Commonweal Magazine)


Paul Baumann serves as the editor of Commonweal Magazine, a major national opinion magazine billed as “A journal of religion, opinion and culture.”  Mr. Baumann will talk with us about the role of mass media in debates about religion and morality.  He’ll also give us tips on how to write more persuasive op-ed essays and how to be an active voice in public discussions of religion, morality and meaning.

Read This:

  1. “Sins of Admission” (Commonweal)
  2. Aristotle – On Rhetoric, Book 1, Chapter 2

Do This:

  1. Five Questions for Paul Baumann
  2. Op-Ed Topic Proposal
  3. Apology Section 1: Belief Pre-Write