The GGL Teaching Team


Professor Meghan Sullivan

img_4159Prof. Sullivan figured out she wanted to be a philosopher while an undergraduate at UVa.  She went on to do her graduate work at Oxford (as a Rhodes Scholar) and Rutgers University.  When not teaching God and the Good Life, she researches philosophical problems concerning time, possibility, and the nature of religious belief.  She also regularly writes public philosophy pieces–including articles in The Huffington Post and First Things.  You can read more at her website. EMAIL:

The GGL Fellows

GGL Fellows are alumni of God and the Good Life who have returned to serve as Sustained Dialogue group leaders.  They also give points for smaller assignments and help make sure the class is wonderful.

Katie Brown

IMG_2506 (1)My name is Katie Brown and I am a sophomore living in Lyons Hall.  I plan on double majoring in Finance and German, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, also known as “the land of cheese, more cheese, and the Packers.” Besides exploring the natural wonders of Wisconsin, I also love traveling around the world and recently finished a summer study abroad program in London. I am excited to get to know you this semester and delve into philosophy through GGL! EMAIL:

Elle Dietz

dietz.jpgElle is a sophomore at Notre Dame, majoring in Architecture with a planned minor in Poverty Studies.  An experienced GGL Fellow, she is interested in the big philosophical questions (as well as less significant ones, like.. is it moral for one’s parents to give the dog away when she leaves for college?).  When not facilitating discussions, Elle is open for conversation about anything and enjoys long walks through campus, running and graphic design. EMAIL:

Cole Edwards

meirlCole Edwards is a Sophomore from Sioux Falls, SD. He is a Neuroscience and Behavior major interested in understanding how philosophy plays a role in the development of the mind and is a firm believer that studying philosophy is a good and necessary way to cultivate one’s worldview. EMAIL:

Melissa Fenner

Me 2.JPGHey there! My name is Melissa Fenner and I am a Sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. I am currently pursuing a major in Science-Business and minor in Philosophy with the hopes of attending medical school after graduation. Her hometown is Santa Fe, New Mexico and her favorite hobbies are listening to music, watching sappy chick flicks, and traveling. On campus, I spend my time as an Editor and Photographer for the Notre Dame Dome Yearbook. I’m excited to talk philosophy and ask the big questions with everyone this semester! EMAIL:

Jacob Fry

IMG_0423Jacob Fry is a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio. He lives in the greatest dorm on campus, Alumni Hall, and he is excited to be working with some of the brightest individuals from the freshman class. He is a sports fanatic and passionate about animals and helping others. While he has no idea what career he would like to pursue, he hopes to travel throughout the world and serve others. You can find him complaining about foul calls during pickup games at the Rolfe’s Center, or you can pretty much spot him anywhere on campus. He’s the really really tall guy.

Anne Jarrett


Anne Jarrett is a sophomore at Notre Dame from a small town in the middle of Missouri. She is pursuing a double major in philosophy and gender studies as she is intrigued by the intersection of these two and its importance in modern politics. Her hobbies include doing yoga and listening to feminist rap. One of Professor Sullivan’s courses did make her a vegan, so if you’re a meat-eater in this course, beware. EMAIL:

Sam Kennedy


Sam Kennedy is a sophomore from the South Side of Chicago. He is currently studying philosophy and sustainability, and hopes to become the next Aldo Leopold, or maybe a heroic, crime-fightin’ environmental lawyer. He is a self-styled specialist in ethics and continental philosophy, and enjoys art, travel, and biking when he’s not philosophizing. EMAIL:

Chantal Lacouture

unnamed-1I’m a sophomore from Wellington, Florida; originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. I am the youngest of three sisters, who have all attended Notre Dame. I plan on double majoring in Finance and History. I love languages in general and am particularly interested in Spanish and French. I am very excited to be a part of GGL this semester as I think this course is extremely beneficial, regardless of your major, because it explores how we can apply philosophy to our everyday lives! EMAIL:

Caroline Marapese

seniorpicI’m a sophomore from Wilmington, NC living in Flaherty Hall. I am currently studying business and is involved in Orchestra, College Mentors for Kids, SIBC, and intramural sports on campus. I am excited to discuss the application of philosophy in our everyday lives with the incoming GGL class! EMAIL:

Fiona McCarter

0-4My name is Fiona McCarter, and I am a sophmore living in Ryan Hall. When I am not here, I live in Naperville, Illinois. I am the fourth of five kids in my family, all of which have also attended Notre Dame. I am studying Computer Science Engineering here but was super interested in Professor Sullivan’s Philosophy class. I typically enjoy math and science classes the most, but philosophy proved to be one of my favorite courses I have ever taken. I am super intrigued by the way our class deals with real life issues and pushes us to think past what we have always accepted. I am very excited to have another semester of philosophy with Prof Sullivan and all of you! Looking forward to meeting all of you and everything that lies ahead. EMAIL:

Loyal Murphy

unnamedMy name is Loyal Murphy, and I am currently pursuing Chemical Engineering for my major. As a math and science enthusiast, I have been accustomed to accepting that answers to problems are either correct or incorrect, black and white, plain and simple. Philosophy gives me the chance to look through an “answerless” lens upon the world, gray and complex. I enjoy philosophy because challenging issues, from lifestyle choices to the validity of different religions, can be addressed and debated in a civilized manner. Aside from that, I enjoy fishing, running (when I get around to it…), and playing trivia with friends. EMAIL:

Tom Naatz

IMG_1979Tom is a sophomore political science and Spanish major from Rockville, Maryland. He enjoys philosophy because he likes contemplating life’s big questions. When he’s not facilitating GGL discussions on campus, you can find him writing for The Observer, giving admissions tours, or just hanging out in Keough Hall agonizing over the playoff futility of Washington, D.C. sports teams. EMAIL:

Cait O’Connell

6FE5E41B-D432-4C50-BAB4-07BC8A30E2B7I am a sophomore political science major from Huntington Beach, California. Hobbies include memes, friends, and being overly affected by seasons. This class is entirely responsible for me being more interested in Satre than Game of Thrones (nerdy I know, but welcome to Notre Dame). I couldnt be more excited to delve into the questions that make life on earth worth living with this year’s GGL freshmen. Here’s to a great semester ahead.  EMAIL:

Vy Sanders


Vy is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. She is currently pursuing a Pre-Medical track with a double major in Neuroscience and Mathematics. Her hometown is Port Orchard, WA and her favorite hobbies are listening to music, playing the flute, traveling to new places, and cooking/eating food. On campus, Vy plays flute and piccolo in several ensembles and is the Treasurer for the QuestBridge Chapter of Notre Dame. She is very excited to discuss philosophical topics with her fellow students and cannot wait to expand her own philosophical views. EMAIL:

Emma Shimek

IMG_3338Hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania, I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with intended concentrations in Bioengineering and Engineering Corporate Practice. I love competition, especially in sports like soccer, basketball, and flag football. I also enjoy playing the piano and guitar. I love to ask questions and push others to do the same. I am looking forward to being a GGL Fellow again! EMAIL:

 Jackie Solinger


My name is Jackie Solinger, and I’m a sophomore living in McGlinn Hall. I am a Philosophy and Psychology double major with a minor in Poverty Studies. Originally from Burnsville, Minnesota, I enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding in addition to swimming and fishing during the sacred warm months of the year. Here on campus I am an active member of the Marching Band and also serve as the Treasurer for Best Buddies. I look forward to getting to know you all! EMAIL:

Brady Stiller

img_2137.jpgBrady Stiller is a sophomore Biology major with side interests in Theology. Hailing from Louisiana, he enjoys fishing and grabbing a quality cup of coffee which too often turns into an occasion for deep conversation. In pursuing a deeper understanding of life’s questions through philosophy, he strives to find the existing connection between the Catholic faith and rationality. EMAIL:

Hunter Urrea

IMG_6026.JPGI am a sophomore, from El Paso, Texas, pursuing a degree in International Economics with a concentration in Spanish. God and the Good Life allowed me to explore philosophy and apply it to everyday life. I am very excited to continue my study of philosophy with Professor Sullivan and look forward to working with you this semester. EMAIL:

The GGL Graduate TAs

TAs are PhD students in the Notre Dame Philosophy Department.  They grade larger assignments, lead workshops on writing and debate, and here to coach you on how to succeed on GGL assignments.

Martin Beers

IMG_8709.jpgMartin Beers is a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and a native of southwestern Virginia. His academic interests include the history and philosophy of science, medieval philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, and theology. When he is not studying, he enjoys running, hiking, camping, playing the piano, singing Gregorian chant, baking, and driving his ’93 Honda Civic. EMAIL:


Celina Durgin

13879343_1045350708853072_6681489611774112533_nCelina Durgin is a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. She is most interested in traditional metaphysics, particularly essence, substance, hylomorphism, individuation, metaphysical explanation, and category theory. Her hobbies outside of philosophy include running, reading, playing guitar, and watching good movies. EMAIL:

Ross Jensen

IMG_0920 If he had to, Ross Jensen would describe himself as an aficionado of the American West, an anarchist, a Christian, a coffee snob, a Quaker, a Utahn, a vegan, and a wisecracking wayfarer.

Professionally, Ross mostly studies social and political philosophy and ethics in pursuance of a PhD in philosophy here at Notre Dame. In particular, he spends an awful lot of time thinking about distributive justice, environmental stewardship, and the treatment of animals. EMAIL:

Evan Schultz

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 1.25.02 PMEvan Schultz is a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is fond of ancient philosophy, virtue epistemology, natural kind theory, biology, fiction, and the blues. When time permits, he can be found cooking, fishing, biking, and spending time in the great outdoors. EMAIL: