The GGL Fellows

The GGL Fellows program at Notre Dame is an initiative of the Philosophy Department and the College of Arts and Letters to provide Notre Dame students with the opportunity to develop advanced leadership and discussion skills and to be part of an intensive, immersive philosophy community.

GGL Fellows commit to…

  1. Completing an intensive  training on peer leadership and dialogue facilitation.
  2. Active participation in weekly GGL teaching and leadership meetings.  This includes a mandatory day-long training the Monday before Fall classes start.
  3. Co-facilitating a GGL Sustained Dialogue group each week (with ~15 students in each group).  This will require being free on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 7-9pm.
  4. Taking the Philosophy as a Way of Life Seminar, which fulfills the second philosophy requirement.

Benefits of the Fellowship:

Students who are offered a GGL Fellowship receive a $1000 stipend for each semester they serve as a GGL facilitator.  They are also enrolled in the Philosophy as a Way of Life Seminar for one semester (either concurrent with their appointment as a facilitator or in a prior semester).  This seminar fulfills the second philosophy requirement and is limited to GGL Fellows.  The faculty and PhD students who serve on the GGL teaching team will provide intensive academic support and mentorship for GGL Fellows interested in deepening their engagement with philosophy and combining their skills with other academic and professional interests.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any student who is currently enrolled in a section of God and the Good Life may apply to be a Fall 2017 GGL fellow.   We are looking for a cohort of Fall Fellows who are (1) committed to philosophical dialogue and inquiry, (2) represent a diverse range of experiences, and (3) are committed to campus engagement and leadership.

DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION HERE  Due Nov 10, 2017.  Email completed application to  Include Subject Heading: Application to be a GGL Fellow Spring 2018 LAST NAME. We anticipate inviting GGL Fellows and alternates by the start of the summer break.  Appointments will be confirmed over the summer.

How do I get More Information?

Contact: Prof. Meghan Sullivan (